Mother’s Day 2017

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Mother’s Day 2017

It’s been another magical year of motherhood! I rounded up a few candid pics (above) from the past year! Our fur baby, Louis, has brought so much love to our family. Audrey has become an avid reader and continues to write/illustrate her own novels. Her imagination and creativity continues to amaze us! She hopes to be an author or singer one day! She’s busy with basketball, soccer, tennis, Girl Scouts, and soon piano! Jack has found his love of golf as he enters his first golf academy! His teacher’s seem to think he is extremely bright, and I’ve found I have a little heartbreaker on my hands. He is my old soul, extremely gentle and kind-hearted. Art, soccer, and music are a few of his favorite things, but mostly he still likes cuddling with mommy! I’ll take it as long as I can! Motherhood is a journey. It’s not always easy, but it’s an amazing gift. I’m so blessed to be their mama and I’m so grateful to have learned from the best! Which leads me to my own mother…

For the past two years I’ve written/drafted a post or I guess more of a tribute to my own mother.  I have a collection of stories and moments that I reflect on, this part is easy for me. It’s more the emotion behind it all that gets me. Nothing I have written thus far is good enough, sigh. I know she would love anything I say about her, and she’d tell me it’s the best thing she has ever read. That being said, my words of how truly special she is to me, and to so many people in her life seem to still not do her justice. So, until my words/tribute are perfect I’ll simply say Thank You, Mom! You have been the best example of EVERYTHING in my life. I love you to the moon and back!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mamas! I hope that you were spoiled silly today! Know that your job as a mom is truly the most important role you will every have and that it goes way too fast!!! Cherish these moments!

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