DIY Bunny Banner

Happy Saturday! It’s all about the bunting on the blog today. I love bunting’s so much that I have a drawer full of holiday buntings and banners easily accessible in my office. The trendy look is such a great way to dress up your mantel, your entryway mirror/table, or your front door! While I love supporting and buying from my own local boutiques and/or online stores on Etsy, sometimes I like to make my own. So, today I’m showing you the easiest and cheapest DIY Easter Bunny Banner! The trick is buying a basic bunting and then dressing it up with your favorite embellishments.

Items Needed

  • Basic burlap bunny banner (mine is from Michaels but Target or other craft stores often carry holiday themed banners)
  • Pastel ribbon (I choose a mint and polka dot pink on clearance)
  • Pom pom’s in your color scheme (I had these on hand, but Amazon carries them as do most craft stores)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue

DIY Bunny Banner

Step 1 Cut your fabric strips.

DIY Bunny Banner

DIY Bunny Banner

You can clean up the frayed edges after cutting the strips. My strips were about an inch wide and 26 inches in length, making the strands hang around 13 inches long after being tied to the banner.

Step 2 Tie your strips to the ends of the banner.

DIY Bunny Banner

I wanted to show you how the banner looked before the pom pom’s were glued on! It’s cute as is, but you can see below by just adding the pom pom’s it makes the bunting even cuter! At this point you can trim your ribbon shorter too, but I liked them a little longer. And how adorable is my little helper! Love my little man!

Step 3 Glue your pom pom’s to each bunny tail.

DIY Bunny Banner

I shot all my own images for this post so it was a bit hard to capture myself gluing the pompom’s on the bunny tale while simultaneously holding the camera, lol! But I think y’all understand this simple step.

Step 4 Hang your final product.

DIY Bunny Banner

This cost me a total of $10 to make! How cute would this be to gift whoever hosts your family for Easter this year?! With all my extra ribbon and pom pom’s all I need is to buy an extra banner from Michaels! How do you decorate for Easter? Are you a banner/bunting fan?

DIY – Wine Bottles

I love an easy DIY project, and it’s a great opportunity to get crafty with my kids! Glass bottles make a fabulous DIY project. If you were to walk in my pantry you would find a storage container full of glass jars. I repurpose many kinds but love jelly jars, pickle jars, and of course wine bottles! At first, I bought pink and gold glitter spray paint for our Valentine’s Day bottles but then changed my mind. These days, white has quickly become my favorite color in home decor! I love the clean and fresh look of white, so I changed up our spray paint to white (not pictured below). With so many amazing and crafty DIY wine bottle projects on Pinterest I wanted to inspire readers with something that was simple to create and could be reused for any holiday using Target‘s dollar bin. Y’all know I’m a huge fan of the dollar bin! Adding some style and cute holiday decor can be done without a hefty price tag. Oh, and another reason I love this DIY, it’s sooo easy. Here we go..

DIY Wine Bottles

Items needed:

  • Wine or Pellegrino bottles
  • Spray paint (color of your choice)
  • Target dollar bin decorations. I’m using a kid’s pom pom necklace, a small tassel bunting, and some Valentine gold stickers. All $1! We also picked out wood letters to spray paint gold or pink but didn’t end up using these ones. However, if you like the idea then simply spray paint the letters and shapes and tape them on instead of gluing.

Step 1. Make sure the bottle labels are peeled and bottles are clean. Next spray paint your bottles.

DIY Wine Bottles

2. Allow your bottles to dry for a few hours. Then decorate! Using the peel and stick dollar bin options it’s that easy to decorate. After Valentine’s Day is over we will peel these decorations off and use the bottles for St. Patty’s, Easter (I already have the cutest felt bunnies to use), and other holidays.

DIY Wine Bottles

DIY Wine Bottles

DIY Wine Bottles

I just love the pom pom necklaces used as decorations. I simply tied each necklace in a bow on the back!

DIY Wine Bottles

DIY Wine Bottles

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend full of LOVE!

Halloween DIY Pumpkins & Easy Brunch Wear


Donuts are such a hit in our family that they’ve been served at birthday parties instead of cupcakes! On any given Sunday, Daddy will make a run to our favorite donut shop, Christie’s, and bring back an assortment for the family. Chocolate with rainbow sprinkles is of course the kids favorite, Mike loves a chocolate bar, and I can’t wait to gobble up a maple or glazed milk donut! Are y’all wanting a donut now because I am. Haha!

Every year we do all sorts of DIY pumpkin projects. One of my favorite ways to decorate a pumpkin is with paint! It’s so easy and fun. Since Halloween is on a Monday, I decided to host a Halloween themed brunch on Sunday. So when I started thinking about how I wanted to paint my pumpkin(s) this year, I decided on a centerpiece of mini pumpkin donuts! Pretty sure I’ll need to have real ones too, but I think they will make the perfect addition to the table. These are so easy!


You need:

  • 5 mini white pumpkins
  • Pink, brown, and/or white acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Markers


Make sure you clean and dry the pumpkins. Next paint each pumpkin with your chosen color of paint. I went with all pink because I wanted a cohesive look, but mixing up the colors would be cute too. Let them dry. Next, draw on the sprinkles using the markers. I let my kids help with the sprinkles, but if you want to make these look more professional, then handle the sprinkles on your own.


Voila! The cutest centerpiece for a Halloween brunch.


What to wear for a holiday themed brunch? If you don’t love to dress up, or you need something asap, then I’ve got a quick fix for you. I adore this playful shirt and it’s so on trend! Fashion is having a moment with fun printed t-shirts. Paired with a leather skirt or leather pants it’s the perfect outfit for any holiday brunch. You are a bit dressed up without trying too hard! A bit cheeky and a bit sassy. Throw on some cat ears or a headpiece of choice to make it Halloweenish. For an everyday look there are so many ways to mix up a printed tee. Another favorite would be with distressed jeans, a leather jacket, and a colored heel. So fun! My shirt is only $16, so grab it now.



Can’t wait to show y’all our pup’s first Halloween look! I think mom is more excited. Stay tuned..

Enter to Win!


DIY Napkins

DIY Napkins

If you caught my Spring Tablescape post then you saw these colorful and fun napkins. An easy and inexpensive way to dress up your table is to make your own dinner napkins. As promised, here is a quick step by step tutorial. First you will need fabric. I wanted to mix and match my napkins while also keeping my budget cheap, so I used the discounted scrap’s available at my local fabric store. Once you’ve selected your fabric, then you are ready to go. Other items needed are:

  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine

Step 1. Always wash and dry your fabric first. Next measure and cut a square that is 18″ x 18″.

Step 2. Turn the edge over 1/4 inch. Then fold again another 1/4″ inch to make a clean edge. Press or iron flat. Next fold the corner up making a right triangle.

DIY Napkins

Step 3. Fold the other side up a 1/4 inch and iron, and then another 1/4 inch, making a clean edge once again. All four corners should look like below. Tip – If you use a heavier linen blend, like I did, definitely iron the creases. It will not easily stay put with just pins.

DIY Napkins

Step 4. Pin your fabric as needed for sewing.

DIY Napkins

DIY Napkins

Step 5. Once all your napkins are pinned, simply sew your seams.

DIY Napkins

Final product. Easy and a beautiful touch for any dinner party.

DIY Napkins

DIY Napkins

DIY Napkins

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

There is something special about receiving a handmade card. Unlike store bought cards, a handmade card is made with just that one special recipient in mind. It’s a thoughtful way to make the card more personal. If you look on Pinterest you will find a ton of elaborate and fabulous DIY Valentine’s Cards. Today, I wanted to inspire you with the easiest of cards to make. Aside from finding your craft goods, the cards take about 10 minutes to make.

Items needed

  • Blank craft cards (mine – Target $1 bin)
  • Valentine’s Day letter and heart stickers (mine – HomeGoods, but Michael’s, Amazon, or Hobby Lobby would carry these items). Donut stickers – Amazon
  • Valentine’s paper fan stickers (mine – Target $1 bin)
  • Pencil, black sharpie, scissors, glue stick, heart-shaped cookie cutter

Bacon to my Egg Card


Tip – Write the words with a pencil, and then trace over. Erase pencil marks after. What doesn’t say “I love you” more than a quote with bacon involved!


LOVE is You and Me Card



Use a wedding picture or old photo of you and your significant other for an unexpected surprise. Simply place your cookie cutter over the portion of the picture you want inside the card.  Trace around the cookie cutter and cut.


Donut Ever Forget…Card




Final Product


Sometimes less is more, and I love the simplicity of these. Add your own little message and you’re done. Happy card making!