DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

There is something special about receiving a handmade card. Unlike store bought cards, a handmade card is made with just that one special recipient in mind. It’s a thoughtful way to make the card more personal. If you look on Pinterest you will find a ton of elaborate and fabulous DIY Valentine’s Cards. Today, I wanted to inspire you with the easiest of cards to make. Aside from finding your craft goods, the cards take about 10 minutes to make.

Items needed

  • Blank craft cards (mine – Target $1 bin)
  • Valentine’s Day letter and heart stickers (mine – HomeGoods, but Michael’s, Amazon, or Hobby Lobby would carry these items). Donut stickers – Amazon
  • Valentine’s paper fan stickers (mine – Target $1 bin)
  • Pencil, black sharpie, scissors, glue stick, heart-shaped cookie cutter

Bacon to my Egg Card


Tip – Write the words with a pencil, and then trace over. Erase pencil marks after. What doesn’t say “I love you” more than a quote with bacon involved!


LOVE is You and Me Card



Use a wedding picture or old photo of you and your significant other for an unexpected surprise. Simply place your cookie cutter over the portion of the picture you want inside the card.  Trace around the cookie cutter and cut.


Donut Ever Forget…Card




Final Product


Sometimes less is more, and I love the simplicity of these. Add your own little message and you’re done. Happy card making!

DIY Christmas Wrap

It’s the week of Christmas, and this year I put a spin on our holiday wrapping. Today’s post is all about easy and festive holiday wrapping ideas. Listed below are 5 different gift wrap looks that you could easily recreate. All of the items were from Target and most were from their dollar bins! Whoop whoop! I decided that step by step directions weren’t needed. Instead, readers will see a prep picture followed with a picture of the final product for each gift. Feel free to ask questions. Let’s get wrapping!

Gift 1.

Items needed – Craft paper, letter stamp, holiday printed straws.


Gift 2.present_1

Items needed – Craft paper, letter felt tags, pom pom garland


Gift 3.present_5a

Items needed – Turquoise paper, bakers twine, red ribbon, tag, tacky glue.


Making the mini bunting -> Cut out triangles and glue to bakers twine. Tip -> Make one really long bunting, then cut shorter pieces of the bunting to add to different packages.


Gift 4. present_2

Items needed – Red holiday paper, ribbon or twine, felt snowflake, tacky glue.


Gift 5.present_3

Items needed – Craft paper, green fabric, letter stamp, holiday rope.


Final Product – DIY Christmas Wrapgroup_2


Hope you felt inspired to get crafty. DIY doesn’t always mean difficult or time consuming. It can be simple but still creative. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

Thanksgiving Tablescape


{ Table setting – HomeGoods, Potterybarn, Nicole Miller Dishes, & Michaels }

Give thanks with an unexpected pop of color this year. While I love the beautiful colors of fall, it’s fun to change up your traditional Thanksgiving Tablescape. Instead of using fine china, I decided to mix in turquoise dishes from Nicole Miller (no longer available), and the pop of color is bright and fun. With touches of gold, brown, orange, and silver, the overall look remains festive and perfect for a family feast.


{ The napkins were tied with twine and attached to a “give thanks” tag. If you don’t have craft paper, use the non printed side of a brown paper bag, as shown here. When children are at the table, I like to be sure and add touches they would enjoy too. These felt turkey stickers from Michaels are festive for both adults and kids }


{A pair of cute turkey’s from HomeGoods adds another touch of playfulness for the kids}



{ Carved out pumpkins make for an easy and beautiful flower vase }


Remember a tablecape can be beautiful without spending too much. Mix and match the pieces you already have, and then add your decorative touches. Adding pine cones, leaves, gourds, pumpkins, and flowers are all inexpensive (or free) ways to bring fall to your table. Finally, although we “the adults” love a glamorous table, keep in mind the children and bring a little fun to the table! Happy decorating!

DIY Kid-Friendly Flower Arrangements

You can almost always find fresh flowers in my house. They brighten any room and make everyone happy. If I’m entertaining, then I may check out our local flower market for something special. For everyday or casual events, you really can’t beat the price of flowers at Trader Joes. My son’s third birthday party is this weekend (how is he 3 already), and I wanted to have a few kid-friendly centerpieces on our food tables. With the help of my silly kids we tested out three fun and super easy flower arrangements. I love getting them involved in these types of DIY projects because it’s fun for everyone.

  1. Straw Wrapped Arrangement

Items Needed:

  • Gerber daisy flowers in your choice of color
  • Decorative pack of straws – Mine are from Target
  • Scissors

Flower_Straw_close_upGerber Daisy’s work best for this arrangement because the stem is thin. They slide perfectly into your decorative straw of choice.  I recommend cutting the straws in half so they don’t get wet. Jack loved making these! Perfect project for a 3 year-old who can’t take on anything too advanced. Bonus – The straws create support for the flowers, so they stand up straight longer.



How cute are these? With all the fun straws available, the possibilities are endless. I feel a Halloween straw wrapped arrangement in our future!

2. Lego Vase

Items Needed:

  • Legos (if you have a toddler then you should have plenty of these)
  • Short jars
  • Flower of your choice – We used snapdragons
  • Scissors


I love repurposing jars. I wash and keep several different shapes and sizes in my pantry. The Bonne Maman jelly jars worked great for this project. They have a wide top, and extra lip, which provided support for the lego vase to stay around the jar.


My budding builder loved doing this project. With a little help and direction she was dong this all by herself. Once the vase was built, we trimmed the flowers to fit the jar. We placed the lego vase on top of the jar, and then dropped the flowers in the jar. This allows you to move the vase as needed.


For obvious reasons, this was the biggest hit of the three arrangements. We used it for breakfast this morning. After breakfast we moved it to the kids bathroom, where it adds a touch of toddler creativity to some pretty little snapdragons.

3. Flowers in a Bag

Items Needed:

  • Two tall glasses
  • Flowers of your choice – We used hydrangeas
  • Decorative bags
  • Scissors


Any type of decorative, felt, or paper gift bag will work. Again, I’m a lover of Target’s dollar bin section, so I always grab little bags like these and store them for future craft projects.


This is so simple! Trim flowers. Place flowers in glass. Place glass in bag. Voila! You just spruced up your birthday party tables in no time. Also great for those smaller holidays, such as Valentine’s Day or St. Patty’s day, when you want to add something fun to the dinner table, without all the work.


Here they are! My big goofballs who learned about three different types of flowers and how to arrange them. I love that! Education made fun, and decorations made easy! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Pancake Pops

kids-eating_popsI’ve been planning to make pancake pops with Audrey and Jack for a few weeks now. It’s such a fun and easy morning activity for the kids, and who doesn’t love food on a stick! So today is the day. We kept it easy, and used the box mix, but it would work with any homemade pancake recipe. The fun part is choosing all the mixings. We decided on rainbow sprinkles, blueberries, and chocolate chips. The great thing about this activity, is you likely already have everything, so no trip to the grocery store. You can see the sprinkles were the favorite at our house. Audrey was so excited that it looked like a sprinkle doughnut. Yummy!

What You Need

  • Pancake mix of your choice
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Mixings
  • Maple syrup


Our three toppings of choice.

Jack_messI turn away for a second and this little stinker has mix all over. But, with that cute face..who could get mad.

Pops_cooking Keep your pancakes on the smaller size, so that they are easy to pick up and dip.


I love how bright and fun these are! festive would these be for a birthday party? Yes, please! Bonus – the kids didn’t end up wanting the syrup. Less sugar = happy parents!

Yesterday wasn’t just a great day, it was a historic day. The U.S. Supreme Court legalized Gay Marriage Nationwide, and most of us can agree, it was long overdue. #LOVEISLOVE! I’m so proud that my children are part of a generation that celebrates equality! Way to go America..and finally!