DIY Vintage Wedding

This past weekend we attended Mike’s cousin’s wedding and it was lovely! When Alice and Chris got engaged, they decided they wanted to stray from an overly extravagant wedding and keep things to a budget. So they went DIY crazy, were inspired by Pinterest, and incorporated Alice’s love of vintage. The wedding was a perfect example of how you don’t need to spend loads of money for it to be beautiful, magical, and memorable. I wanted to share a few of their creative ideas. Pics were taken with my iPhone. I left my Nikon D7000 at home, so I didn’t drive my husband crazy, and I could embrace the night.


Married at Oakland Nature Friends, the venue is rustic and set in the trees over looking the bay. Alice looked stunning and wore a vintage off white Grecian dress that she found from Affordable and every bit as glamorous as the gowns from a bridal shop. Favorite part – her jewel embellished cap sleeves took this gown to another level! Her hair was twisted to the side and adorned with calla lilies. The bride’s bouquet was made by her friend, whose husband imports roses from Ecuador. They incorporated kale and succulents in the bouquets and wrapped it with gold ribbon at the stems.


Audrey was so thrilled to be the ring bearer for the wedding. It was a proud moment for mommy and daddy too, she was just precious. I had the flower crown made at Fiore Flowers in SF and her simple white sundress is from Target (similar here).

photo 1

Gold spray painted canisters, and wine bottles served as the flower holders. The Bride and Groom asked friends to keep wine bottles, and other jars so they could repurpose them. They peeled, cleaned, and sprayed painted 159 bottles in total! The gorgeous vintage linens took Alice hours of thrifting but cost her a total of $60. They were actually lace curtains that she repurposed as tablecloths…genuis! The couple was gifted roses for the event, but also had succulents on tables and scattered around. The succulents were grown in their backyard from clippings.


Chalkboards served as signs throughout the wedding. They even incorporated a kids craft table to keep the little ones happy.


Twinkle lights and twine balls hung in the trees. As the sun went down it felt so romantic and charming. Alice also brought a vintage chandelier that she was gifted from the Betsy Johnson store she managed in San Francisco. It gives that chic outside/indoor touch. You could easily recreate this by finding an older chandelier and spray paint it your color of choice. I’ll be doing this at one of my next outdoor parties, thank you!!


Their untraditional guest book was adorable. They collected postcards (some vintage), and asked guests to write them a message. I decided to mail mine instead of slip it in the box. I remember that sad feeling after everything was over, so I thought it might be fun for them to receive a postcard in the mail. A little reminder of that special night.


As I mentioned above, Alice worked for Betsy Johnson for years as a manager before deciding to become a teacher. The bride is well-known for her extensive and fabulous dress collection. So, it was only fitting that I wore this divine Betsy dress in honor of the bride.


Finally, who doesn’t love a photobooth. They suspended a gold frame and had a friend set up their camera on a tripod. Guests kept going back all night for the fun!

Not pictured, but definitely noticed was the artisanal cocktail bar. Chris enjoys crafting various cocktails, and had several delicious options for guests. We’ve been to many weddings, and they have all been beautifully done. But, I just loved this couples savvy smart ways to repurpose, save money, and make the wedding truly unique to themselves. I can also appreciate the hours they spent on DIY projects. Hats off my friends, and congrats! Thank you for letting me share bits of your special day.

DIY Fabric Pinboard

It’s no secret that closet space is a rare commodity in San Francisco. I’m always envious of my girlfriends who have beautifully organized, spacious closets. I’m a bit OCD about organization, so I’ve had to be creative in many ways. My husband says that the nesting phase women go through during pregnancy has never left me, ha! I think it’s just part of growing up and running a household to the best of my abilities, which we all do at some point in our lives. Mike just likes to laugh at my over-the-top moments, such as alphabetizing the spices or canned goods! I get carried away sometimes. Moving on…accessories make your outfits, so it’s important to be able to see what you have. I’ve been wanting to make a supersize DIY fabric pinboard for my room, so I finally tackled this project. I’ve seen many smaller pinboards but not many supersize ones, and the retail large pinboards are way too expensive! Personally, I think it would be perfect in a large closet, but I made it work as a piece of art/display in my bedroom because I don’t have the space in my closet. The key is to keep everything else clean and uncluttered.

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