Giddy Up!

DSC_7904Well..HELLO! I’ve been contemplating my first blog post for a while now. In between wiping tiny butts, battling over broccoli with a three year old, and debating if I have time to shave my legs in the morning, I often dream of a little mommy outlet to discuss life, family, style, food, crafting, wine. You get the idea. At last, it’s happening.

Anyhow, it’s Christmas time, and it took me three times as long to decorate the house with the kiddos, but it was still magical. After bath time last night, my son decided to put on sissy’s cowboy boots. It quickly became a kodak moment because, who can resist a chubby dimply baby butt. My three year old daughter, Audrey, was cracking up with me as we captured this moment of Jack staring at the Christmas tree shaking his bum to the music. Of course within minutes, she was yanking the boots off him because they are hers, and how dare he, but these are the little moments that make motherhood so special. It’s one I won’t forget. Happy Holidays and Giddy Up!