Deep in the Trenches with the Flu


Super Mom! Yep, I sooooo needed this giant coffee mug fully loaded with caffeine last week. I was deep in the trenches for about ten days. My entire household was plagued with the flu, which meant that I was either covered in barf, snot, or diarrhea. I know many of you have been in this situation recently, so I wanted to share a few of my shining moments.

  • I clocked about 10 hours of sleep in four nights, and became that over paranoid mom constantly checking the monitor, which sounds normal, except that I was actually sleeping in the same room as my sick child. Clearly, it makes perfect sense to get up, check on your child sleeping next to you, get back in bed, stare at your monitor instead of sleep, and then repeat over and over. Phew, glad I was so efficient.
  • In a desperate moment after my 16 month old stuck his grimy hands in my mouth, I grabbed the hand sanitizer and used it on my tongue and mouth in hopes this would prevent me from getting sick. I said I was desperate. After that, I remembered the invention..mouthwash. Ding ding, she has a brain!
  • My communication with my husband was reduced to an evil glare (given by yours truly), as we passed each other in the hallway like distant strangers, because he had the, “I have to work early” card. As he slept so peacefully night after night, I was downstairs thinking about how much I wanted to package the barf and maybe one diarrhea diaper with his lunch. Or maybe just throw one of the diarrhea diapers at him as he slept. Or somehow have my son diarrhea on him. I’ll admit, this got a bit out of control. Sorry babe, I just wanted to share the fun I was having.

Two ear infections later, our house had finally recovered. Obviously, I can’t say anything good came of this illness, but when I think back, I can remember my squirmy 16 month old actually sleeping on my chest again (something I miss desperately). Or, being able to watch an all time family favorite, The Wizard of Oz, with my red nosed 3.5 year old who needed my extra hugs. I guess in motherhood, you always have a special moment to keep, even when the nasty flu has you deep in the trenches. I think tonight I’ll fill my Super Mom mug with a nice bordeaux instead. Cheers!


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  1. January 18, 2014 / 7:05 pm

    oh man! thanks for that glimpse into my future 🙂 glad everyone is feeling better.

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