Spring Staples with GAP

Happy Tuesday y’all! It’s officially spring (YAY!) but it still feels like winter in the Bay Area! It’s currently raining and cold outside but I’m not complaining! Okay (eh um) maybe a little…only because I’m sooo ready for sunshine and bike rides. With the weather changing it’s a great time to add a few spring pieces to the family wardrobe! GAP is having 40% off today using code – TODAY. So I did a quick roundup with a few of my favorites for the family! One of the items I bought (I know I’ll wear it constantly) was the grey tie waste shirt, and I love the Panama hats from GAP  because they hold up well and are super affordable! My favorite kid pick is a toss-up between the donut pajamas (btw I want to eat a donut now) and those boho-tassel sandals! So adorable! I only wish the donut pajamas came in my size so I could match my mini’s! Happy shopping.

Weekend Wear

Weekend WearHappy Saturday y’all! Lazy mornings, donuts and milk, bike rides, soccer games, BBQ parties…these are a few of my favorite weekend things. We love the weekends for plenty of reasons but one of my favorite reasons is being able to sleep in and cuddle with my little loves. It’s usually between 6-7am when I hear their little feet running towards our bedroom and they quickly climb into my arms to fall back asleep.  It’s seriously the best part of my day, and I’ve sadly realized it’s starting to stop with my eldest. My daughter found her love of reading and while I’m thrilled with her passion for reading, she has begun to skip morning cuddle time to read instead! I know I should be so proud, but if you’re a Mom or Dad, you know losing the morning cuddle time is heartbreaking! Thankfully she still comes in bed some mornings but the reality is.. she is growing up so fast! My 4-year old still comes in bed every morning. He wraps his little body around mine and when he finally wakes up the first thing he says to me is “Mommy, I love you”. It’s the sweetest start to my day.

Since weekends are jam-packed with kid activities, I love easy Weekend Wear, and this off the should sweatshirt is so soft and comfy. Paired with distressed jeans and comfortable booties it’s perfect for running around town. I also throw it on with black leggings and a beanie or baseball hat, it’s super versatile and cute! This is the true mom look. Simple Weekend Wear, easy hair, and no makeup! Grab my Weekend sweatshirt (on sale) here for only $16.

Weekend Wear

Weekend Wear

Weekend Wear

Weekend Wear

DIY – Wine Bottles

I love an easy DIY project, and it’s a great opportunity to get crafty with my kids! Glass bottles make a fabulous DIY project. If you were to walk in my pantry you would find a storage container full of glass jars. I repurpose many kinds but love jelly jars, pickle jars, and of course wine bottles! At first, I bought pink and gold glitter spray paint for our Valentine’s Day bottles but then changed my mind. These days, white has quickly become my favorite color in home decor! I love the clean and fresh look of white, so I changed up our spray paint to white (not pictured below). With so many amazing and crafty DIY wine bottle projects on Pinterest I wanted to inspire readers with something that was simple to create and could be reused for any holiday using Target‘s dollar bin. Y’all know I’m a huge fan of the dollar bin! Adding some style and cute holiday decor can be done without a hefty price tag. Oh, and another reason I love this DIY, it’s sooo easy. Here we go..

DIY Wine Bottles

Items needed:

  • Wine or Pellegrino bottles
  • Spray paint (color of your choice)
  • Target dollar bin decorations. I’m using a kid’s pom pom necklace, a small tassel bunting, and some Valentine gold stickers. All $1! We also picked out wood letters to spray paint gold or pink but didn’t end up using these ones. However, if you like the idea then simply spray paint the letters and shapes and tape them on instead of gluing.

Step 1. Make sure the bottle labels are peeled and bottles are clean. Next spray paint your bottles.

DIY Wine Bottles

2. Allow your bottles to dry for a few hours. Then decorate! Using the peel and stick dollar bin options it’s that easy to decorate. After Valentine’s Day is over we will peel these decorations off and use the bottles for St. Patty’s, Easter (I already have the cutest felt bunnies to use), and other holidays.

DIY Wine Bottles

DIY Wine Bottles

DIY Wine Bottles

I just love the pom pom necklaces used as decorations. I simply tied each necklace in a bow on the back!

DIY Wine Bottles

DIY Wine Bottles

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend full of LOVE!

Blush Sweater


Happy February 1st everyone! It’s officially the month of LOVE! This weekend we’ve got a fun Valentine’s Day DIY project that anyone can do, so stay tuned. Although I’ve been gravitating towards gray, black, leather, and denim all winter…I do love wearing pastels during these months because it always feels fresh and bright. Paired with duck boots (or really any boot) and a cute beanie you can easily include these colors in your winter wardrobe. If you still love the blush trend like me check out my cozy knit. The sweater fits loose and slouchy and has a cute lace-up detail on the back. I like that it’s not too bulky and at $19 you can’t go wrong! You can shop the rest of my look below, including my favorite winter beanie! I think I own this brand in 6 shades because they are so affordable, wash well, and go with everything!





Half of my pictures from fashion shoots look like this last picture above. I’m sorta in between movements and a bit awkward, so I had to share the reality of shooting as a blogger! It’s pretty funny really, but it’s more about the fashion than me! I’ve been thinking a post full of my funny outtakes might make y’all laugh, especially the ones with my kids!  xx

When Mom Gets Sick

A few weeks back I was lying in bed one night feeling absolutely awful, body aches, fever, ya know – just miserable. I remember praying that neither of my children would wake, that our puppy would actually sleep through the night, and that somehow, magically, I might miss the sound of my husband’s alarm clock. Unfortunately, everything I hoped and prayed wouldn’t happen, happened. As I slowly crawled back in bed for the third time, I couldn’t help but think of all my Mommy friends and the raw truth about being sick as a Mom! But first let’s talk about how a Mom actually gets sick.

Every Mom can relate to this blog post. Many Dads can too, but for this post I focused on my ladies! Working Moms, single Moms, SAHMs, it really doesn’t matter! I think it’s safe to say, as Mothers, that we actually dread being sick far more than cleaning up our children’s barf, snotty noses, diarrhea bums, or any other side effect that comes with having a sick child. We (Moms) are pretty good at taking care of sick children, and are also very cautious about spreading germs. So in theory, we should be able to avoid getting sick, but 4 out of 5 times this is how and why we get sick…

  1. Child comes home from school feeling sick. Depending on severity of sickness, Mom spends the next few days/nights caring for child. There is a lot of love and hugs nurturing your little bean back to health. Sleep is the last thing a mother worries about. Mom is aware that child number 2 will probably get sick next. Mom does her absolute best to keep children from sharing anything and spreading germs! But, this is like trying to keep the Real Housewives of Orange County (or any RH series) from fighting – Impossible!
  2. Sick child number 1 is finally doing better and Mom looks forward to a night of rest. Oh Mom, what were you thinking? A night of rest, lol! That was a great joke! Conveniently, child number 2 wakes up sick the same night child number 1 is doing better. The entire process starts again. Better pick up some extra coffee – gonna need it.
  3. Mommy adrenaline kicks in and you manage to get through a week of 3-4 hours sleep a night. Nothing really changes in your schedule. You still work, manage the household, meals, laundry, etc. It’s all good, you’ve got this Supermom and you’re not complaining! You continue to remind your husband and yourself these 3 things. 1. Don’t touch your face! 2. Wash your hands constantly! 3. Don’t eat or drink off anything that isn’t yours!
  4. Thankfully, the kids are better! They are back to jumping off beds, making messes, and fighting over everything. Good thing, because these were the things you missed most when they were sick and sleeping oh-so-quietly on the couch. Ha! You post an adorable Facebook picture that the kids are better and even though it was a hard time, you cherished the extra cuddle time. We are mothers, we always find the good.
  5. Although tired, you’ve done a pretty good job at staying healthy, but Dad just called from the office and is sick. Home he comes. Poor guy. He crawls in bed, turns on a movie, and sleeps for a long long time! Like the doctor says — > Rest is the key to a fast recovery! Sooooo, you nurse Daddy back to health bringing tea, soup, and trying your best to keep the kids busy and out of his space so he can get better. But, you can’t help remember the last time you were sick and the doctor told you to rest up. It’s always hilarious when a Mom is sick and friends or doctors tell her to go home and get rest. I mean really, it’s just such a funny concept. Mom, rest, ha! Another great joke. The only people who won’t tell you to go home and rest are other Moms. Why? Because they know two things. 1. None of the other family members will survive without you! 2. Nothing will get done!
  6. Dad is on the mend after resting like the doctor says! Phew, good thing most of your family follows the doctor’s orders. “Ge’ez Mom, you really need to listen better.” Anyhow, you’ve been so good about doing EVERYTHING to prevent getting this bug, plus you pray nightly that you will avoid it. You’ve lovingly cared for each family member, all you ask is to simply NOT GET SICK yourself.
  7. After a week of sleep deprivation and pushing your body to the limits, prayers aren’t enough. Not to mention that while your children were sick it didn’t stop them from touching everything and constantly sticking things in their mouths. It also doesn’t stop them from repeatedly coughing or sneezing in your face, and wiping boogers all over your clothes and body. What were you thinking? All the hand sanitizer and echinacea tea in the world couldn’t keep this bug away! But the truth is you did love those extra cuddles.
  8. Surprise! Lucky you! You’re sick and this is what your family thinks WHEN MOM GETS SICK! (from my fav Pinterest images)

Mom_Sick2 Mom_Sick3 Mom_sick4 Mom-Sick5 Mom-Sick6 Sick_Mom1

Oh and this is what Dad thinks when you get sick….


To all my Superhero Moms and Dads (because I know that many of you do this too), May the force be with you when your household gets sick!