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Table_2Today’s post is all about color, flowers, and celebrating spring. I adore putting together spring tablescapes at this time of year, because the markets have so many beautiful blooms to choose from. When choosing a color scheme for my table, I almost always start with choosing my flowers. Every year when May hits, Trader Joes has one of my favorite flowers, the beloved peonies ($6.99 a bunch). They are absolutely gorgeous, and come in lilac, white, and various shades of pink. When I spotted these vibrant fuscia and lilac peonies, I knew I had the perfect spring center piece. Keep in mind that these flowers open quickly, so you want to get them the day of, or the day before a dinner party. Since the weather is warming up, and we are starting to eat outside, I wanted to embrace my new Target melamine tableware, and showcase how you can dress them up. The combination of turquoise, hot pink, and gold feels so cheery and bright, just like spring. With a few personal touches, like DIY dinner napkins, sea shells, and simple dinner tags, you can bring your dinner table from blah to fab in no time!


I wanted to mix and match two fabrics for the DIY napkins (tutorial will be posted on the napkins soon). The hot pink color on both fabrics keeps the two prints cohesive with the table decor. Using a clothespin as a holder, you can write names or a fun theme on your tag. I kept it very simple and used white card stock and a pink marker, but gold card stock with a starfish cut out layered on top would be a pretty touch. Pinterest has many great name tag ideas. 




How cute is this serving tray (cute option here)


A few etiquette/manner reminders that I think are important, and good to teach your kids. 

  • The above setting only had forks because that was all we needed. My son was “helping me” set the forks so a few were moved to the right (you may or may not have noticed). That being said, here is a friendly reminder on table setting –> Forks always go on the left, the salad fork is on the outside, dinner fork on the inside. On the right of the plate, knife on the inside and spoon on the outside. 
  • Chew with your mouth closed, use a napkin. Simple enough, but sometimes forgotten, and most kids are still working on this.
  • Do not bring smart phones to the table. 
  • Take what you can eat. A host works hard to cook a homemade meal, so throwing away leftovers simply because you took too much, is not a good habit. Remember, you can always come back for seconds. I preach this to my kids all the time.
  • Instead of reaching across the table, ask someone to pass whatever it is you need. 
  • Have fun and engage in conversation. Dinners are just as much about the food as they are the company, so be “in” the conversation.
  • Always be polite – Thank you. Please. This was delicious. May I be excused (for the kids). These are all good reminders and always appreciated. 

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  1. carisa hunter
    May 25, 2016 / 1:56 am

    Looks great Kel! Love the aqua plates!

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