How to Host a Wrap Party

Wrapping Party

We are less than a week away from Christmas! Can you believe it? How many of you sit around your tree on Christmas Eve or maybe a week or two before the big day wrapping gifts alone? I’ve done that many times and it’s fine. I usually have a Christmas movie on and a glass of yummy eggnog, but I miss the times when I lived closer to family and we’d sprawl out on the floor wrapping our packages and laughing together. So, this year I decided to host a Wrap Party for a few girlfriends. It was such a fun night! We shared gift ideas for kids and husbands, sipped wine, indulged in some yummy bites and the best part..everyone left feeling accomplished. A few of my girlfriends said they wrapped 90% of their gifts that night! How fantastic is that! So, I thought I’d share some details about the night. Below are a few of my tidbits on, “How to Host a Wrap Party”. Its not too late to throw an impromptu party this week with some of your besties! P.S. My winter white sweater is here and on sale. I sized up for a more slouchy look!

  1. Communicate your needs.  I supplied the wrapping paper, ribbon, and other gift toppers but asked friends to bring their own tags. A few friends brought extra wrapping paper which ended up being helpful! I sourced most of my supplies from HomeGoods and Target.
  2. Make it fun and give ideas of how to dress your gifts.  If you have time wrap some gifts in advance so that they get inspired with your wrapping ideas.
  3. Make everything accessible. I had a bin of wrapping paper to pull from and a caddy/bow box that the girls could easily access.
  4. Remember basics. Supply a roll of tape and a pair of scissors per guest so that no one is waiting/sharing the basics. Have plenty of pens for addressing tags and cards.
  5. Keep the attire supper casual and comfy. When you’re alone wrapping gifts you aren’t dressed up sitting on the floor so don’t make your guests do that! I told my guests leggings, sweatshirts, slippers. Next year I’m going to have guests come in their coziest Christmas pj’s to up the festive factor.
  6. Feed your guests! No brainer..I know, but have simple finger food out and nibbles that make it easy to take a break from wrapping to socialize and get something in your tummy. Don’t forget the Peppermint Bark!
  7. Drinks! No ladies night is complete without wine and bubbles, right!!! Think ahead, you want your guests to be able to set their drink down and focus on wrapping, so small tables and trays serve a good purpose.
  8. Consider a takeaway. I wanted to do this but didn’t have everything lined up. Next year, for sure! Send your guests home with a small gift that fits the party theme. Maybe it’s a roll of red twine for future wrapping or a set of cute name tags. You could also just send home some of your favorite holiday treats.

Wrapping Party

Wrapping Party

Wrapping Party

Wrapping Party

Wrapping Party

Wrapping Party

Wrapping Party

Wrapping Party

I hope I inspired you to make gift wrapping fun! Happy Holidays all!

DIY Christmas Wrap

It’s the week of Christmas, and this year I put a spin on our holiday wrapping. Today’s post is all about easy and festive holiday wrapping ideas. Listed below are 5 different gift wrap looks that you could easily recreate. All of the items were from Target and most were from their dollar bins! Whoop whoop! I decided that step by step directions weren’t needed. Instead, readers will see a prep picture followed with a picture of the final product for each gift. Feel free to ask questions. Let’s get wrapping!

Gift 1.

Items needed – Craft paper, letter stamp, holiday printed straws.


Gift 2.present_1

Items needed – Craft paper, letter felt tags, pom pom garland


Gift 3.present_5a

Items needed – Turquoise paper, bakers twine, red ribbon, tag, tacky glue.


Making the mini bunting -> Cut out triangles and glue to bakers twine. Tip -> Make one really long bunting, then cut shorter pieces of the bunting to add to different packages.


Gift 4. present_2

Items needed – Red holiday paper, ribbon or twine, felt snowflake, tacky glue.


Gift 5.present_3

Items needed – Craft paper, green fabric, letter stamp, holiday rope.


Final Product – DIY Christmas Wrapgroup_2


Hope you felt inspired to get crafty. DIY doesn’t always mean difficult or time consuming. It can be simple but still creative. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!