Halloween DIY Pumpkins & Easy Brunch Wear


Donuts are such a hit in our family that they’ve been served at birthday parties instead of cupcakes! On any given Sunday, Daddy will make a run to our favorite donut shop, Christie’s, and bring back an assortment for the family. Chocolate with rainbow sprinkles is of course the kids favorite, Mike loves a chocolate bar, and I can’t wait to gobble up a maple or glazed milk donut! Are y’all wanting a donut now because I am. Haha!

Every year we do all sorts of DIY pumpkin projects. One of my favorite ways to decorate a pumpkin is with paint! It’s so easy and fun. Since Halloween is on a Monday, I decided to host a Halloween themed brunch on Sunday. So when I started thinking about how I wanted to paint my pumpkin(s) this year, I decided on a centerpiece of mini pumpkin donuts! Pretty sure I’ll need to have real ones too, but I think they will make the perfect addition to the table. These are so easy!


You need:

  • 5 mini white pumpkins
  • Pink, brown, and/or white acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Markers


Make sure you clean and dry the pumpkins. Next paint each pumpkin with your chosen color of paint. I went with all pink because I wanted a cohesive look, but mixing up the colors would be cute too. Let them dry. Next, draw on the sprinkles using the markers. I let my kids help with the sprinkles, but if you want to make these look more professional, then handle the sprinkles on your own.


Voila! The cutest centerpiece for a Halloween brunch.


What to wear for a holiday themed brunch? If you don’t love to dress up, or you need something asap, then I’ve got a quick fix for you. I adore this playful shirt and it’s so on trend! Fashion is having a moment with fun printed t-shirts. Paired with a leather skirt or leather pants it’s the perfect outfit for any holiday brunch. You are a bit dressed up without trying too hard! A bit cheeky and a bit sassy. Throw on some cat ears or a headpiece of choice to make it Halloweenish. For an everyday look there are so many ways to mix up a printed tee. Another favorite would be with distressed jeans, a leather jacket, and a colored heel. So fun! My shirt is only $16, so grab it now.



Can’t wait to show y’all our pup’s first Halloween look! I think mom is more excited. Stay tuned..

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