Mendocino Photo Diary

Mendocino Photo DiaryOnce a year, Mike and I take a week-long trip without the kids. Yep, I said without! It’s a time for us to focus on each other and we truly cherish this time alone to connect. I should mention that this trip wouldn’t even possible without the loving help of some pretty amazing grandparents! This year we decided to spend our week on the Northern Coast of California in Mendocino and Bodega Bay. We’ve been to both areas before, and you can read about Bodega Bay here. If you haven’t been to Mendocino, I highly recommend visiting. This part of California feels less traveled, rural, and holds the most beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. Not to mention the Redwoods literally took my breath away. They are gargantuan! While many visit just to relax on the beach there is much to do in this area for the adventurous at heart. Kayaking, hiking, wine tasting, and great dinning.

Mendocino Photo DiaryHard to beat the Littler River Inn’s location. Great food, service, golfing, and offers some pet friendly rooms. Mendocino Photo Diary

Mendocino Photo DiaryEven if you aren’t lodging here, stop at the Little River Inn Bar/Restaurant to enjoy this famous view over a glass of wine! Great food & service, we loved the fish and chips.Mendocino Photo DiarySeafood is plentiful and so fresh. Mendocino Photo Diary

Mendocino Photo DiaryHiking the Redwoods. Mendocino Photo Diary

Mendocino Photo DiaryHiking the Hendy Woods State Park. The Hermut Hut Trail leads hikers to one of Hendy Hermit’s famous huts. The man lived in the park for over a decade. Pretty amazing. Learn more here.Mendocino Photo DiaryAnderson Valley has many fantastic wineries and is well known for producing outstanding Pinot Noir. Other favorite wineries not pictured were Handley Cellars, and Baxter. Fantastic wines!Mendocino Photo Diary

Mendocino Photo Diary

Mendocino Photo DiaryMost of the wineries are pet friendly. Our pup, Louis was very popular amongst the tasting crowd. Mendocino Photo Diary

Mendocino Photo Diary


Mendocino Photo Diary

Mendocino Photo DiaryWe dug the rustic and unpretentious tasting space at Phillips Hill. Mendocino Photo Diary

Mendocino Photo DiaryMendocino art is everywhere. Mendocino Photo Diary

Mendocino Photo DiaryOn your drive to or from Mendocino, stop at the World Famous Hamburger Ranch & Bar-b-que in Cloverdale. Owners Bob and Joanne Krucker know what they are doing when it comes to BBQ. Everything is cooked slow and low for the most mouthwatering brisket, ribs, chicken and more!Mendocino Photo Diary