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Lately, it feels like my children are growing up way too fast. If you read my last post, 10 Signs You’re Officially in Toddler Life, then you know what our household is like these days. Chaotic, but loads of fun! I’m sure many of you can relate. In the two weeks since I wrote that post, I find myself constantly thinking…

“How is it possible that they already seem smarter, bigger, and more mature?”

This post made me feel grateful that the kids still ask me a million questions a day. Or that they mispronounce big words, or use them in the wrong context. I get so much joy out of hearing the stories their imaginations create. Often those stories make no sense, but I’m the one person who can’t wait to hear them, and likely, the only person who understands what they are trying to share. That’s the bond we have as Mom’s. I love it, but the truth is, I’m a little sad thinking about the days they say everything perfect. So, without further ado, here is This Week’s Toddler Talk. I hope it makes you smile! If you missed the nickname definitions, read the first post of this series.

Cupid has the best hair. It has the perfect amount of wave and body. When The Devil Wears Spiderman hits her teens she is going to be super irritated that her little brother landed locks that hold curl. But, thankfully we have time before that reality hits. In this conversation, this is the first morning he wakes up and notices his hair in the mirror. 

Mary Poppins: Good morning lover. (Cupid crawls into bed)

Cupid: Mom get up, let’s eat. First I need to use the potty.

Mary Poppins: Okay, I’ll come with you.

Cupid: (After using the potty, he stands on the stool to wash his hands. He looks in the mirror, and his face suddenly looks confused). Huh? (This is all he says).

Mary Poppins: What’s with that face love?

Cupid: My hair…it’s difficult!

Mary Poppins: (Surprised he even knows the word difficult). What do you mean it’s difficult?

Cupid: Look! It’s sticking up everywhere. It’s soo difficult! (Starts smashing it down).

Mary Poppins: Haha, that’s called bedhead.

Cupid: Oh bedhead? My bedhead is weeeally difficult.


On the way to school one morning.

Cupid: Da’ where are my brains?

The Devil Wears Spiderman: (With great confidence) Well Jack, in your head.

Marry Poppins: That’s correct, Audrey.

Cupid: Oh, behind my mouth? (Points to his mouth)

Devil Wears Spiderman: Haha, no Jack! Under your hair in your head. It’s your mind!

Marry Poppins: Good explanation Audrey. That’s correct.

Cupid: Ohhh! How big are my brains?

Mary Poppins: Audrey, do you want to try and answer this question too?

Devil Wears Spiderman: Sure Mom, that’s easy. Your brains are…umm…(thinking) they are the size of tomatoes (Tomatoes are her favorite food).

Mary Poppins: (Giggling to herself). That was a tricky question, good try. But, your brain isn’t like tomatoes. A brain is similar in size to a cantaloupe. The average human brain weighs 3lbs, but can vary in size.

The Devil Wears Spiderman: How much is 3lbs? What does vary mean?

Cupid: Yummm, I love cantaloupe. Can we get cantaloupe, Mom?

Happy Wednesday all! Until next time!


  1. carisa hunter
    October 22, 2015 / 1:15 am

    It is so funny how you do your blog Audrey is so so so so so so so so funny so is jack!!!
    love Cailey….

  2. Sandy kelley
    October 22, 2015 / 1:48 am


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