Three Things

Three things from this week…


During a recent trip to Anderson Valley, Mike and I discovered Handley Cellars, and let me just say that the sparkling wine produced here is SPECTACULAR!┬áIf you’re a fan of sparkling wine, champagne, prosecco, and so on, then you will not be let down. We tried the 2003 Brut at a Mendocino restaurant and immediately fell in love. The next day we ventured to Philo to learn more about Handley, and hopefully take home some of this liquid gold! Which I’m happy to report, we did! Currently the winery is sold out of all sparkling wine, but various vintages and varietals (2003 rose is supposed to be lovely) can be found in restaurants. So…if you fancy a glass of bubbly before dinner, do scan the list for Handley. I’m hoping we can splurge and open one of our bottles for Sunday football!


I’ve always loved the paper lanterns and pom pom’s that are trendy now. Having used them at various birthday parties, baby showers, or dinner parties, I have a hefty pile on hand. So.. I FINALLY, hung the children’s cluster in their shared room. With the help of my awesome brother-in-law. YAY! The various lanterns are from Martha Stewart, and the star was ordered from Amazon. When I lay Jack down on the bedroom rug to change his diaper, he looks up at the cluster, and starts to sing twinkle twinkle little star. I guess he likes the paper star best. Super easy to do with some fishing line and clear tacks.


Football season has begun, whoop whoop. The first day of the season is honestly my husband’s favorite day of the year! Monday’s change from the dreadful first day of the week, to MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL fun! For me, football represents the beginning of Fall, Sunday’s with family and friends, lots of cooking, baking, and well I love this time of year as well. This year, Jack got his first official Seahawks jersey and is pretty pumped about it.

Until next time…Happy Weekend!


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