Truffle Deviled Eggs

Egg_1Ahh the beloved deviled egg! Anytime a host offers deviled eggs, you have to grab one quick because they are always the first to be gobbled up. Two years ago, I decided to put a spin on the classic recipe by adding black truffle oil, and the results were delicious. I’ve brought these to several events/parties and they continue to be a hit. A shining moment for this wanna-be-chef was at a partially catered event last year. I brought my Truffle Deviled Eggs and the catering staff asked me for the recipe, and mentioned guests were loving these little gems. How cool is that?! So, a girls gotta share a winner when she has one. Here we go.

Ingredients for 12 Truffle Deviled Eggs


Step 1- Boil your eggs (great site for the perfect boiled egg). Allow your eggs to completely cool in the refrigerator. Next, peel and slice your eggs in half, scooping out the yolks into a separate bowl. Be careful to keep your whites intact.

Step 2 – Make the yolk filling


This is an important step. I used to hand mix the yolks with a fork, but discovered that beating the yolks with a mixer creates a much creamier texture. I’ve also used a hand blender (different from a hand-held beater) which makes it fluffy and creamier, so try both. This is where you must taste as you go. I start with a 1/4 cup of mayo and a tablespoon of the truffle oil. Add your dijon and season with sea salt and a little pepper. Whip the mixture, then sample. Decide if you want more mayo and truffle oil. I like the truffle oil to really stand out, so I use closer to 1 ½ tablespoons.

Step 3 – Fill your eggs


Using a pastry bag, spoon your filling inside the bag, and begin to pipe the yolk mixture into the eggs halves. You can also use a plastic sandwich bag. Just fill the mixture into the bag and snip the corner. Audrey helped me do the piping here, so they weren’t picture perfect but definitely made with love!

Step 4 – Plate, Season, and Garnish


Plate your eggs. Season each with the truffle salt. I make these with and without a garnish. My suggested garnish would be a piece of bacon and chives, but my chef friend also suggested pork belly, or a piece of a fried oyster. Yumm!


These are perfect for football season, holidays, book club, or any event. I hope you try the recipe! Especially, if you love truffles or want to bring something unexpected to the party. These are a winner!

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