This Week’s Toddler Talk


Lately I haven’t been very good about documenting the funny things our kids say. Usually I laugh so hard and think to myself, “There is no way I’ll forget this conversation”, but then time goes on and I remember it was funny, and I remember most of it, but I can’t remember our exact words. That’s why I started this series. To better document memories and the funny things my children say, and to inspire others to do the same. But first, anyone else feel like the “Mommy brain” forgets too much? My own Mother has the best theory about “Mommy Brain” and I want to share it with y’all. When I have a forgetful moment, like losing my keys and then finding them in the refrigerator next to the milk, or forgetting where we dined for our anniversary the week before, her theory makes me feel soooooo much better. In the most generic terms, it goes something like this,

“The thing with motherhood is that you have to remember it all, every little detail for every little thing, YOU ARE the memory for your entire family, so sometimes things just gets shoved out. You simply have NO MORE space to remember it all! So don’t beat yourself up! You will forget things, but you are completely normal and to answer the question most mom’s think at least once in their lives, NO, you aren’t losing your memory! You’re just a mom.”

Thank you, Mom, for always putting things into perspective and reminding me I’ve got this mom thing. Now, let’s move on with some Toddler Talk.

–> Jack started a new preschool this year. During this conversation, we are driving to the school drop off and he isn’t very excited to go. Jack came up with a new and improved plan for preschool. 

Cupid: Mommy, I don’t want to go to school.

Mary Poppins: Awww buddy, it’s only for two and a half hours.

Cupid: Nooo, I miss you too much at school. (with the saddest puppy dog eyes)

Mary Poppins: I know lover, I miss you too but it’s good to go to school.

Cupid: (looking excited) Mommy, I have a new plan. Do you want to hear?

Mary Poppins: Sure buddy. What’s your plan?

Cupid: How about you are my teacher? We can have pweschool (preschool) at home and I can learn with you.

Mary Poppins: Well, that is a smart idea but won’t you miss all the friends you are making? What about the great art and science projects? And the fun music teacher?

Cupid: Nope. I won’t miss my friends. You can be my teacher, my Mommy, and my bwest (best) friend. We can set up stations for art and science, and we already have music instruments and a Kaaweeoki (Karaoke) thingy, so that’s easy. Plus, I can have peanut butter and jewee (jelly) for lunch at home. Let’s just do pweschool at home! Okay, Mommy! (huge smile)

Mary Poppins: Ohhh Jack, mommy loves you and you are so smart.

–> Jack is OBSESSED with the shows Octonauts and Paw Patrol and wants every toy that involves these cartoons. He has developed a strategy to get all these toys.

Cupid: Mom, I want all the Octopods for my Playset and the Barnacles Steering Deck, and I want the Paw Patroller, and can we buy the Paw Patrol Leappad game. I want all the toys that my friends have!

Mary Poppins: OK these sound like fun toys, but you just had your birthday and received many great toys.

Cupid: I knooow (in a whiny voice) but I weally (really) want these toys too.

Mary Poppins: How about we put them on your Christmas list?

Cupid: OK (thinking for a minute)…Mom, how about we have more lists? We can have a Halloween list, a Christmas list, and ohh we need a Fall list. Remember how we just celebrated the first day of Fall? So we need a list for that too!

Mary Poppins: (laughing) Jack, are these lists for your toys?

Cupid: Yes, I can have different lists for all the holidays, so we can get all the toys.

Mary Poppins: (cracking up) Jack, we only get gifts on our Birthday’s and Christmas. Sometimes Easter, but we don’t do lists for every holiday.

Cupid: (disappointed) What? So my only lists are Christmas and my Birthday? But, I like more lists! Can’t we just make more? How do I get those toys?

Mary Poppins: Giggling because if I were a toddler this makes complete sense! Just create more lists and then the toys come. LOL!

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